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Astronomical Phenomena

Picture of Astronomical Phenomena for 2024 This small, useful booklet contains general interest material preprinted from The Astronomical Almanac. It is published jointly by the U.S. Naval Observatory and His Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office two years in advance of its date. It includes such things as:

  • dates for Solar equinoxes, solstices, phases of the Moon
  • eclipse maps
  • dates for various planetary phenomena
  • visibility and magnitudes of the planets
  • dates for some religious and civil holidays
  • chronological eras and cycles
  • the equation of time and declination of the Sun
  • sunrise/set, moonrise/set times
  • the position of Polaris.

The booklet is available for purchase through the Government Publishing Office .

A downloadable PDF for the current edition is available here.

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