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Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars

                      Astronomical Applications Department                      
                             U. S. Naval Observatory                            
                            Washington, DC 20392-5420                           
                            New York, NY                             
          Location:  W 73°55'12.0", N40°43'48.0",     0m           
             (Longitude referred to Greenwich meridian)              
                Time Zone:  4h 00m west of Greenwich                 
      Date               Rise  Az.       Transit Alt.       Set  Az.
                          h  m   °         h  m  °          h  m   °
2023 Jul 03 (Mon)        08:56  71        15:49 63S        22:41 289                 
2023 Jul 04 (Tue)        08:55  71        15:47 63S        22:38 289                 
2023 Jul 05 (Wed)        08:55  72        15:45 63S        22:35 288                 
2023 Jul 06 (Thu)        08:54  72        15:43 62S        22:31 288