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Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug. 21

Sun in Total Eclipse at this Location

Anderson Jockey Lot (Longitude W 82° 32' 56.4", Latitude N 34° 35' 11.5", Height 262m)

August 21, 2017   Universal Time (UT1)Delta T: 69.4s
PhenomenonDayTime (UT1)Sun's Altitude (°)Sun's Azimuth (°)Position Angle (°)Vertex Angle (°)
Eclipse Begins2117:09:07.866.6165.0294.0306.8
Totality Begins2118:37:52.362.9216.8115.285.1
Maximum Eclipse2118:39:11.162.8217.4
Totality Ends2118:40:31.962.6218.0294.5263.5
Eclipse Ends2120:03:09.049.1245.5114.965.0

Duration2h 54m 01.2s
Duration of Totality2m 39.6s

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