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Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug. 21

Sun in Total Eclipse at this Location

Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Area (Longitude W 90° 48' 53.6", Latitude N 38° 43' 22.9", Height 177m)

August 21, 2017   Universal Time (UT1)Delta T: 69.4s
PhenomenonDayTime (UT1)Sun's Altitude (°)Sun's Azimuth (°)Position Angle (°)Vertex Angle (°)
Eclipse Begins2116:48:44.958.1142.1291.1320.5
Totality Begins2118:16:09.263.1185.361.657.5
Maximum Eclipse2118:16:58.763.0185.8
Totality Ends2118:17:50.063.0186.2344.8340.0
Eclipse Ends2119:43:09.055.6225.2114.680.2

Duration2h 54m 24.1s
Duration of Totality1m 40.7s

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