The Dates of Passover
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The Jewish Calendar that dates from the time of Hillel II (359 CE, AM4119) is the official calendar of the State of Israel. It is used to determine the dates for Passover provided here. It is a lunisolar calendar based on computations rather than visual observations (visual observations of the young crescent Moon were used in ancient times). Passover begins on the same liturgical date, Nisan 15, each year. The dates for Passover for the years 2000-2029 using the civil calendar (CE=Common Era, or Gregorian) are:

Year CEPassover Year CEPassover Year CEPassover
2000April 20 2010March 30 2020April 9
2001April 8 2011April 19 2021March 28
2002March 28 2012April 7 2022April 16
2003April 17 2013March 26 2023April 6
2004April 6 2014April 15 2024April 23
2005April 24 2015April 4 2025April 13
2006April 13 2016April 23 2026April 2
2007April 3 2017April 11 2027April 22
2008April 20 2018March 31 2028April 11
2009April 9 2019April 20 2029March 31

The holiday begins at 6 p.m. (or sunset) on the previous day.

For further information on calendars, see Richards, E.G. 2012, "Calendars," from the Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, 3rd edition, S.E Urban and P.K. Seidelmann eds., (Mill Valley, CA: University Science Books), Chapter 15, pp. 585-624.

Most books on calendars describe the details of the Jewish Calendar.