Dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday
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You can obtain the dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday by typing the year (1583 or later) in the space below and clicking on the "Find dates" button.



The date of Easter given here is the date used by the western Christian churches and may not reflect the practice in all denominations. It is computed using an algorithm based on the ecclesiastical rules and tables of the 1582 Gregorian calendar reform; the Gregorian calendar is the one now used worldwide for civil purposes. The Gregorian calendar was not necessarily in use in non-Catholic countries after its adoption. For example, Protestant Germany, Denmark, and Norway did not use it until 1700. The Gregorian calendar was first used in England and its colonies in September 1752.

Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter Sunday.

For information on how the date of Easter is determined or on calendars generally, see The Date of Easter or Introduction to Calendars.

For further information on calendars, see Richards, E.G. 2012, "Calendars," from the Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, 3rd edition, S.E Urban and P.K. Seidelmann eds., (Mill Valley, CA: University Science Books), Chapter 15, pp. 585-624.

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